Your client's skin is only as good as your education

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Evidence-based integrative skin-nutrition education to grow your health or beauty business. 

You love your industry but it also annoys you. There's to much fluff, bad-advice and misinformation. It seems like everyone is an expert on social media these days.
You want more for your clients
You want more for your business
You know that the future of skin-health is integrative, plant-based nutrition and functional phytochemicals but you don't yet feel confident to offer this as a professional service to your clients.

You need education you can trust: evidence-based, accredited, scientific but holistic at the same time. You have a passion for plant medicine and understand that there's a reason why so many food components are in skincare products. If you felt excited when you found this website, you're in the right place. Welcome
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Experience life as a Skin Nutrition Instutute student. Get full lifetime access to our student portal and increase your skin-nutrition knowledge with an accredited mini-class. 

What our learners say

 Cutting edge and enlightening information served up with warmth, passion and professionalism  
Lise M Anderson | Formulators Kitchen
 I loved this course because it truly made me excited to begin incorporating skin nutrition into my esthetics business  
Kelly fields | Happy Face Esthetics USA
 Nutrition is an important foundation to skin health. I would feel I am cheating my customers if I made claims my products could do it all. I want to empower my customers to take care of their skin, inside and out  
Jo klassen | nudge boutique Uk

It's the perfect time to train in skin nutrition 

Diet in general, what we eat and drink, along with it being an important way to improve how we look and feel, is going to become an even bigger dialogue among consumers than it already is. It’s all about obtaining beauty from within.
Eric J. Pierce |  New Hope Network’s NEXT data and insights team
Chronic Inflammation appears to be strongly linked to many preventable and treatable skin diseases and conditions such as visible skin aging
J Cosmet Dermatol. 2008
Consumers are becoming more educated about the overall health benefits of balanced nutrition and are more interested in protecting themselves from accelerated ageing through more natural and non-invasive protocols
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