Learn to formulate science-backed beauty powders 

Did you know that superfood powders are big business?

Powerful superfood powder blends intelligently formulated are valuable to both your clients and your business income. You can formulate just for your clients or create specialised blends to sell to the public.

It's an incredible opportunity to give extra support to your nutrition or skin-health clients. Rather than selling synthetic supplements (which are mostly ineffective) you can take a truly holistic and organic approach with natural potent botanicals. Pure plant medicine that your clients and customers can easily add to their smoothies, juices, desserts, snacks, sauces and salad dressings.
“The global superfood powder market size is expected to reach USD 7.11 billion by 2027, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., expanding at a CAGR of 6.4% over the forecast period. The demand for the product has been growing significantly over the world owing to its various health benefits. It helps to improve the immune system, natural detoxification, and metabolism. It is also a rich source of vitamins, fibers, and minerals. With the shifting consumer preference towards organic and natural diet, the food and beverage industry has been incorporating this product in several products.

Botanical superfoods are fascinating 'skin medicines' rich in phytochemicals, epigenetic modifiers and nutricosmetic compounds that are subject to thousands of scientific studies 

The blue pigment phycocyanin protects against UV damage. Protective against blue light. Protective against telomere shortening.

Sea Buckthorn
Contains Quercetin which is an epigenetic modifier and Sirtuin (youth protein) activator. Has an inhibitory effect on AGE formation and is also a Senolytic agent

Red pigments commonly found in Beetroot, betalains are powerful antioxidants that combat oxidative stress in the body. Betalains are also being research for their epigenetic potential.

Why take this Superfood Formulation for Skin Health course?

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🌺 You'll build on your knowledge of botanicals and superfoods by learning the skin-health applications for these functional superfoods

🌺 You'll master the art of formulating and blending multiple botanicals to create powerful solutions for specific skin problems.

🌺  You'll learn how to turn your new superfood blending skills into a stand-alone business or a added income stream to your skincare, nutrition or skin-therapy business.

This course is perfect for you if you are...


If you’re a health food business, juice bar owner or retreat manager you’ll be able to make formulations to use directly in your products or to sell as separate skin-solutions; like how Moonjuice (in LA) does by using their own ‘dusts’ in their smoothies AND selling the dusts directly to customers in store.


If you’re a health store owner or health product company you’ll learn all the up to date science on the trending nutricosmetic foods and how to create sellable products that can be mass produced.


If you’re a skincare formulator you’ll be able to use these superfood powders directly in your skincare products AND create blends for clients to add to their smoothies etc


If you’re a nutritionist or health coach you can formulate beauty superfood powders to sell to your clients privately to enhance the nutritional plans you’ll be guiding them through.


If you’re an esthetician, dermatologist or spa therapist you can formulate in-house solutions for your clients to take home to use between treatments



Topics covered in this accredited course

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🌸 Nutricosmetic Science

  • Learn about nutricosmetics, nutraceuticals and functional phytochemicals.
  • Study antioxidant potential and ORAC scores of superfood botanicals
  • Learn how to properly research superfoods so you can gather scientific evidence to help you formulate

🌸 Your superfoods lab

  • How to set up a superfood formulation lab easily in your own home
  • About GMP and GLP and how to keep records
  • Important equipment
  • How to create your own powders from whole driend botanicals

🌸 Formulation

  • How to start creating a formula for a specific purpose
  • Creating weight-based and percentage formulations for batching and scaling up
  • How to record formulas and batches (all templates included)

🌸 The superfoods business

  • Trends and superfoods business research
  • Selling superfoods
  • Branding and logo
  • Nutritional data labels
  • Legalities and rules


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Why study with us?

This class has been created to further your advance your knowledge and grow your integrative skin-health career.
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Every course we teach - from mini-classes to our 1-year diploma - is based on peer-reviewed research.

Fully referenced

You get access to the full citation list so you can fact-check the science with confidence.

Industry specific

This specialised skin hydration class has been created specifically for professionals and practitioners in the skin sciences or nutritional sciences.

Epic student support

No matter what class you take with us, you're always treated as a valued student and you get lifetime access to our student portal for social networking, study groups and learning support.

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Inside our dedicated student portal there is an area called 'best resources' where you'll find a growing library of science research papers free to download.

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No more Facebook groups! We have our very own social networking site built right inside the student portal allowing you to make friends and 'study buddies'. 

Discussion groups

Every course has a dedicated discussion group so you can ask questions, post up ideas and thoughts, get feedback and interact with your fellow students on the same course.

Certificate & Credits

This accredited gives you an accredited certificate with 15 CPD / CE ours and 1 CEU credit. Accredited by IPHM and IGCT
Meet your teacher

Star Khechara

Skincare formulator and beauty author turned skin-nutrition researcher, Star distilled her 20+ years of skin-health knowledge into the world’s first international accredited school to educate estheticians, dermatologists and allied skin-health practitioners in the emerging science of skin-nutrition, integrative skin health and nutridermatology®
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 During my work as a skincare formulator I noticed that so many cosmetic ingredients were foods or food extracts, I realised that the power to beautify, treat and rejuvenate the skin was in diet, nutrition and food...not skincare products  
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently asked questions

Do I get instant access?

YES! As soon as your enrol and pay the fees you'll have instant access to the class and all of the class materials.

  • 15 video lessons
  • All class notes
  • All templates and ebooks needed
  • Lesson quiz
  • Exam and Certificate

Is it accredited?

As a school we are proud to be accredited by IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and the IGCT (International Guild of Complementary Therapists) the which means a 3rd-party organisation has reviewed our course materials and verified them as being of a suitable standard for a practitioner.

As a graduate YOU will be eligible  to join IPHM and IGCT and be listed on their register And you’ll have access to deals on your professional indemnity insurance.

Star Khechara is also an active member of the Plant-Based Health Professionals

How long will it take to finish the class? 

This course will take about 10-15 hours to complete and because it is self-paced you can choose to move through the course fast or slowly.

Do you offer team discounts?

We can offer substantial discounts on group enrolments (especially when there are more than 10 participants). 
Send us an email with all the information:

Can I license this class for my team of staff?

We can offer a non-exclusive licensing for this class, please contact us at

What happens after I've paid?

Once you've enrolled you'll be prompted to create your login and password so you can access our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Once inside you can move around the portal and access everything you need:
  • There's a course area where your courses will be
  • There's a community area for discussion groups and friendship
  • There's a 'best resources' area for all of your saved notes and access to our science library
  • There's a 'start' page which has our orientation video to help you navigate around the website and use all of the facilities. 

Is this class suitable for me?

This class is aimed at professionals, practitioners and entrepreneurs in these fields:
  • Estheticians
  • Skin Therapists
  • Skincare formulators
  • Beauty therapists and facialists
  • Face Yoga practitioners
  • Health coaches
  • Functional food and nutrition practitioners
  • Health food business owners
  • Health business startups

Will I get a certificate?

Yes,. you will be able to download a personalised Accredited Certificate when you finish the final exam.
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