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10 Passive Income Ideas for Skin Health Practitioners

As a holistic skin-health practitioner looking to add a passive income stream or two to your products and services, here are the top 10 passive products that will work well for you.

1.A Resource Page

On your website or blog, create a 'resource' or 'tools' page and list the top ten of your favourite tools, books, apps...etc that you use to run your business or blog. Become an affiliate of some of those tools and put your affiliate link in to the page. (Be sure to let your readers know that some of the links are affiliate links).

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring in some passive income from your website or blog and it's a great to have a page like that to direct people to when they try to 'pick your brain'. 

2.Recipe Sheets / Advice Cards

Got an amazing formula for something?

For example: the perfect DIY face mask, an evening beauty ritual or gua-sha routine, or a recipe for something amazing like a vegan, gluten-free pavlova that tastes like the real thing - create a 1-page PDF sheet for it in Canva and post it for sale on your website from $1-$5

This isn't the product that will make you millions BUT with passive income you only do the work ONCE so an extra $1 over a year adds up. Plus with a decent formula/recipe you can make a lot more than $1 a day. 

3.A Small Ebook

Forget about writing your version of War & Peace for the Kindle market (that's a BIG job), a mini-ebook can be easily created on your computer and sold as a PDF download directly on your website or via a platform like PayHip.

Package your knowledge into a 20-30 page PDF ebook to help others with a specific thing.

A recipe book is a great example of an ebook and one of my foodie friends sells her own $10 recipes books from her own website and makes thousands of dollars. They only have 10 recipes in each book.

An ebook sounds difficult but we make it super-easy to design, build and sell your ebook in our course Ebook Success

4.Share your Roladex

We all have our own version of Little Black Book that contains a list of all our suppliers, mentors and courses we've relied upon to launch and build our businesses, right?

Newcomers to your industry are hungry to get this insider information. It's valuable!

You can create a PDF Little Black Book - a digital Who's Who - and sell it. 

5. Pay Per View (on demand) Video Class

On video you can teach things like facial massage, beauty rituals, skincare products, healthy food recipes and more. You don't need to build an entire course - a short 20minute video is good enough to sell.

All you need is a video host and player that allows on-demand payments (Vimeo and Wistia both do this) I think even YouTube has that function now but don't quote me as I'm not sure.

You just need to film yourself doing the 'thing' using your phone or a webcam, upload, set your price and then share it as a product to buy on your website.

6. Turn your knowledge, expertise or 1-1 client work into an ecourse

Humans are insatiable creatures with a thirst for knowledge and when you're a knowledgable professional in any health, beauty or wellness field you'll be able to turn that information in your brain into a profitable online course.

Ecourses are one of those best ways to get more money and more freedom as a practitioner.

Did you know it cost me just $50 to launch my very first passive income online course and since then I've earned over $850k. All of the strategies, tools and tech that I teach in Holistic Ecourse Creation are either free or very low cost. 

7. Paid Newsletters

As a professional you're probably (hopefully!) already signed up to some kind of email marketing software such as:
  • Convertkit
  • Mailchimp
  • Active Campaign

As well as use email marketing to sell and connect with your audience you can also create a list of paying customers that get weekly content to their inbox.

This works well for things like recipes (skincare or food), science knowledge / news, industry insider information...etc. A paid newsletter isn't a huge source of income as they're often not high-ticket (usually $5 per month or less) but even a small list of 100 people is an extra $500 a month / $6000 a year.

It all adds up!

8. Memberships

Have you been creating different types of content for a while? Maybe you have a stash of webinar replays,Tik Toks/ Reels, longer videos, worksheets, ebooks and formulas etc.

You could bundle this up as a membership site simply by storing the content on a passworded website page and selling access for $5-$47 a month. You can then add new content each week or month, in order to keep those monthly fees rolling in. To give the membership feel, create a Facebook group for your members to chat and learn. And a separate email list so you can keep them informed and engaged. 

Some people run their paid memberships entirely through a Facebook group but I don't recommend this approach because Facebook can glitch and suspend your account.

9. Canva Templates

Who isn't using Canva these days? You can build slide decks, courses, ebooks, PDF sheets, social media posts, videos, animations and whole websites using this free / low cost design tool.

We teach a lot of Canva design on Holistic Ecourse Creation because it makes everything faster and prettier.

Before Canva we all had to learn Photoshop or InDesign (urgh!)

I know of people making over a million dollars from creating simple Canva templates (mostly for social media posts and ebooks) and selling them on their own website, Etsy or Creative Market.

It's a popular and lucrative passive income stream

10. Private Label Rights (PLR)

PLR is a type of reseller right. If you made a digital product like a Face Yoga Manual for Estheticians (for example) you can sell it in multiple ways:

  • Sell it as a manual directly to your clients
  • Sell the private label rights to your buyers / clients so they are allowed to then put it on their own website to sell to their clients. (it will still have your copyright notice and rights)
  • Sell the full rights to the design and allow the buyer to change the branding and truly make it their own for them to sell to their clients
  • Sell full reseller tights so clients can buy it and also resell it as a PLR product
Write your awesome label here.

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