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Filaggrin foods: treating eczema with diet and nutrition

Treating the root causes of skin disorders using integrative nutritional dermatology is our passion here at Skin Nutrition Institute and if you've ever suffered with Eczema you'll know exactly how desperately itchy and painful it it. Nothing is as horrifying  as scratching yourself into bleeding ribbons only to discover none of the standard eczema treatments work. It's horrible.

Plant-based nutrition and functional foods for eczema have a sound scientific base so there's no need for any of your clients to suffer.


Filaggrin is an essential skin barrier protein binding other proteins together (such as Keratin )to form a strong and flexible skin barrier.

In eczema and other skin-barrier disruptive skin disorders found in drier skin, there is a downregulation of the gene that codes for Filaggrin. Loss of function of Filaggrin gene is also associated with food allergy. Filaggrin production can be increased with the amino acid: Histidine

An adult human needs 8-12mg of Histidine per kg of bodyweight per day [5]

Foods for Filaggrin formation

  • Curcumin (Turmeric)
  • Resveratrol (red grapes)
  • Quercetin (in apples and onions)

Have all been shown to indirectly activate a signalling pathway (APR) that upregulates Filaggrin gene expression [6]

  • Spirulina and seaweeds contain high amounts of Histidine, as do bananas, raisins and other dried fruits.


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