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FREE: Abundance Manifesto

Build a wealth mindset for holistic business success with this quick and easy abundance manifesto. 

FREE: Skin Nutrition Practitioner Starter Kit

Kickstart your shiny new career as a holistic skin-health specialist with this starter pack. COMING SOON: download the brochure to be added to our insider list and we'll sent it to you automatically

FREE: 10 Functional 'Facelift Fruits' Guide

Fruit is the food group with the highest number of skin-nutrients and functional beauty phytochemicals. Discover these top ten fruits and what makes them so powerful. COMING SOON: download the brochure to be added to our insider list and we'll sent it to you automatically

FREE: Your 5-Figure Ecourse Idea

Unsure about building an online course? Before you enrol onto Holistic Ecourse Creation you can take this free class to discover your profitable online course idea.

TOOLKIT: Skin Hydration 101 $9

Your client's skin is thirsty, quench it with the best hydrating drinks and foods

TOOLKIT: Skin Microbiome Health $97 

Your clients need to know what lifestyle habits are destroying their skin microbiome and how to can cultivate flourishing skin microflora and a healthy skin barrier.

TOOLKIT: Cacao Bioactives for Skin Health $50

Chocolate is a powerful superfood. Uncover the science and get a load of recipes to share with your client

TOOLKIT: The Sunscreen Diet™ $97

Sunscreen lotions don't fully protect the skin from UV ageing and skin cancer. Learn how to give your clients full-spectrum protection using proven 'sun protective foods'

CERTIFICATE: Collagen Biosynthesis Diet $197

Help your clients build collagen naturally with a skin-protein boosting plant-based diet

CERTIFICATE: Advanced Skin Hydration Biomechanics $197

Dive deeply into multi-layer skin hydration and isotonic cellular fluid dynamics. Hydrate your clients skin at the deepest layers to maintain hyaluronic acid levels and keep the extracellular matrix plump.

CERTIFICATE: Microbiome and the Gut-Skin Axis $197

Skin health and skin disorders are strongly linked to the health of the gut. Learn to help your clients cultivate a healthy, abundant and diverse gut microbiome and prevent gut dysbiosis.

CERTIFICATE: Menopause, Hormonal Skin-Ageing & Diet $197

Help your clients to offset menopausal ageing with nutrition and to balance other skin-health disruptive hormones (cortisol, testosterone, Melatonin etc)

CERTIFICATE: Beauty Superfood Formulation $750

Nutricosmetics (beauty foods) are a HUGE and lucrative trend. Add an extra income stream to your business as a holistic practitioner by learning to formulate and sell your own 'beauty superfood' blends.

CERTIFICATE: Juice Therapy for Skin Health $997

Juice is the most potent skin-rejuvenating and skin-healing plant medicine imaginable. Far more powerful than supplements. Learn to formulate therapeutic juices to heal your client's skin

DIPLOMA: Integrative Skin Rejuvenation & Nutridermatology® $4500 

An advanced 6-month skin-nutrition program for serious practitioners who work with skin disorders and skin-ageing. The world's first accredited diploma in nutritional dermatology.

CERTIFICATE: Nutridermatology® $997

Treat your client's skin disorders (acne, eczema, psoriasis etc) with holistic science-backed plant-based nutrition and functional foods.

NEW: Holistic Course Creation $997 $497

Build and sell an exciting, high-quality, successful online course and add a passive income stream to your holistic practitioner business

NEW: Ebook Bootcamp $247 $127

Create and sell your own health, skincare or recipe ebook (even if you don't have a website yet)
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