Where skin health enthusiasts become skin nutrition superstars

The   Netflix  of skin nutrition

Members-only monthly accredited & certified skin nutrition classes, CPD points and practitioner toolkits for skin-health professionals

If you're fascinated with skin-health and you want grow a thriving career as a skin nutrition expert, you're in the right place.

To delight, astonish and heal your clients you're going to need a lot more than the qualifications you did a few years ago. Science moves FAST and skin nutrition is one of the fastest growing niches in the wellness industry. It's HUGE. If you want to succeed as a skin nutrition expert you'll need to stay current with your knowledge, skills and expertise. 

This is your time to invest $67 $47 a month in SkinStars: the only internationally accredited skin nutrition membership in the world.

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Perfect for all skill levels...

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You want to learn how to be a skin nutrition specialist without committing to a lengthy expensive course

SkinStars membership delivers bite-sized classes every month so you can build your skills slowly over time with no long-term commitment and at an affordable cost

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You dabble in skin nutrition but want to expand your knowledge without investing too much time

No matter how busy you are SkinStars membership is only 1-2 hours per month to grow your knowledge of evidence-based skin nutrition. Plus you need those CPD points for your insurance


You have a hunger for knowledge and to remain at the leading edge of your niche

With trending topics and new specialist trainings each month, SkinStars is your solution for growing your skills, knowledge and toolkits so you continue to be your clients ONLY choice and being a leading authority in your industry

Be part of the Skin Nutrition Revolution

The skin nutrition industry is currently worth $1.91 billion growing to $3.31 billion by 2030. It's the perfect time for you to launch or grow your nutritional skin-health business. 

Here at SkinStars you'll find all of the knowledge, the trends and done-for-you materials to help you turn your passion for skin nutrition into a thriving career and earn your slice of that $3.31billion 

Your potential clients are also taking a much wider view of 'inside-out beauty' and what can impact their skin health.  67% appreciate the link between good skin health and overall wellbeing – an increase of 13% between 2018 and 2021. Clients are out there looking for a knowledgable professional just like YOU.

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