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Nutridermatology® Certificate

Nutritional dermatology for estheticians, dieticians, medispa teams and allied health practitioners
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10 CPD hours

= 1 CEU credit

5 Modules

12 video classes + FACTSHEETS


12 tests. 1 exam. 1 assignment



Diet is the new Dermatology

Skin disorders have traditionally been treated topically with lotions and potions as though the skin were detached from the body instead of being a hard-working organ system that is connected to the rest of the living organism we call 'the human body'

Current science now shows an emerging trend that food, nutrition and diet have the BIGGEST input on both preventing skin disorders AND treating them. Nutrients in the diet build, maintain and repair the skin so it makes sense to stay on the cutting edge of your profession and give your clients the best and most up-to-date treatments available.
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 Dietary factors play an essential role in cutaneous homeostasis since they supply the nutrients necessary for good cellular functioning. Any shortage of these elements can lead to dysfunctions of the cutaneous structure, often hard to identify, since the clinical condition is oligosymptomatic. Nutraceuticals are associations of nutrients with benefits and synergistic effects. They act not only in response to any minor shortage of micronutrients but also in phenomena at the cellular level, associated with aging, dermatoses, and the cellular cycle  

Addor F.A.S., Ravelli F.N. (2017) Nutraceuticals in Dermatology. In: Issa M., Tamura B. (eds) Daily Routine in Cosmetic Dermatology. Clinical Approaches and Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology

Learning outcomes & competencies

This Certificate in Nutridermatology® is designed to give you competencies in 4 main areas so you can implement your training directly into your client work

Integrative Dermatology

You'll learn the lifestyle factors that have a huge impact on skin health and skin disorders, you'll be able to assess and implement an integrative and holistic approach to their treatment.

Malnutrition Cofactors

You'll understand how over-nutrition, undernutrition, single nutrient deficient or supplement overuse can directly cause certain skin conditions and how to remedy that with your clients

Nutridermatologic Analysis

You'll learn how common and complicated skin disorders from acne all the way to skin cancer are the end result of multiple nutritional and lifestyle factors so you can explore the root cause of your client's skin problem

Nutritional interventions

You'll have a catalogued nutridermatologic toolkit so you can confidently use evidence-based nutritional interventions to treat your clients skin disorders successfull.

This course is perfect for...

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Estheticians & Dermatologists

Market trends and scientific studies show that the sectors of nutrition and esthetics / dermatology are converging. Stay at the leading edge of your profession with Nutridermatology®
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Dieticians & Nutritionists

If you’re a dietician, nutritionist or naturopath you can use this course to enhance your CPD requirements while building specialist skills in a fast-growing nutritional niche.
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Facialists and Skin Therapists

 As a facialists, face yoga practitioner or allied skin your clients will benefit from your new unique knowledge about how to support their skin health with nutritional interventions
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Skincare Formulators

As a a skincare formulator you’ll have gain in-depth knowledge of exactly how specific nutrients and phytochemicals impact the skin – helping you to formulate more effective products for clients with skin disorders.

Some of the skin issues you'll learn to treat with nutrition


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Frequently asked questions

Will I get instant access?

Yes! As soon as you click the enrol button and pay the course fee you’ll be automatically redirected to the online classroom so that you can create your own login details (username and password). Then you can login and start studying straightaway

Is it accredited?

We are proud to be accredited by IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) which means:This 3rd-party organisation has reviewed our course materials and verified them as being of a suitable standard for a practitioner.

As a graduate YOU will be able to join IPHM and be listed on their registerAnd you’ll have access to deals on your professional indemnity insurance

How long will it take to finish the course?

This certificate = 8-10 study hours so you could complete it all in one day if you wanted to. Most people take between 2-4 weeks if they're studying around a busy lifestyle.

If you want to complete the course very quickly you'll need to pay the course fees in full because if you pay in monthly instalments our system will only allow you to progress through the course to match the time period you'll be paying as we don't allow students to graduate with debt.

Do you offer group discounts?

For groups of 3 or more we can offer a group discount, just ask

Can I license this course for my team of staff?

This certificate can be offered to your corporate team in a few ways:
We can create a group login for your team to access the course online
We can run this course as a live online training for your team
We can even run this course as a live in-person course for your team

How do I do the course?

Once you've enrolled you'll be prompted to create your login and password so you can access our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Once inside you can move around and access everything you need:
  • There's a course area where your courses will be
  • There's a community area for discussion groups and friendship
  • There's a 'best resources' area for all of your saved notes and access to our science library
  • There's a 'start' page which has our orientation video to help you navigate around the website and use all of the facilities. 

Is this course suitable for me?

This certificate is best for professionals and practitioners with previous knowledge, training or understanding of the skin.

If you're a skincare formulator, facalist, esthetician, dermatologist this course can give you the missing nutritional knowledge you need to provide integrative and holistic skin care to your clients.

If you're background is in nutrition, dietetics or naturopathy and you're interested in skin health this course will bridge the gap in your nutritional knowledge.

Can I get a refund?

The course is instant access and you've got 48 hours to review the course material and request a refund (you can do this via email or click the 'ask the instructor' button inside the course menu).

Please note refunds can't be given once you've started to complete modules so of you're unsure about the course have a look at the material first but don't complete any quizzes / tests.

How will I use this Nutridermatology® knowledge with my own clients?

If you're qualified and legally allowed to give personalised nutrition information and plans to your clients (this is usually true of professionals with degrees in dietetics or nutrition) you can 'add in' your new knowledge to how you already work with clients: coaching, food analysis, meal plans etc - we provide you with a stack of material for you to use directly but you can also integrate what you've learned into your 1-1 coaching.

If you're from the esthetics, skincare and dermatological industries you might find that legally (in your country) you can't offer personalised nutrition BUT can use all of the ready-made client material we give you upon graduation. This means you can help your clients with their food and diet without needing a degree in nutrition. 

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay in monthly instalments. Here's how:

On the payment form you need to select t pay using your credit card (this symbol  ) then you'll see a dropdown box where you can select either:

  • Pay once (pay in full)
  • Payment plan

Sometimes there's more than one payment plan so you can choose the one that suits your financial situation the best.

What course credits will I get?

This course (Nutridermatology® Certificate) is equal to 10 CPD* Hours and 1 CEU**

These credits will be visible on your printable certificate when you pass your final exam and graduate from the course

*CPD: Continuing Professional Development
**CEU: Continuing Education Unit

Why study with us?

Sequential learning

Lessons and modules are designed to follow on from each other so you build your knowledge and expertise with each class. 

Self-paced learning

Our online school is open 24/7 so you can study at your own pace and work around your busy life and family commitments 


Every single course, class and module has been created from 15+ years of solid peer-reviewed scientific information. You'll be given all of the references with each module so you can dive deeper into the topics or fact-check if you want to. 


We've earned international accreditation from IPHM and are currently in the process of gaining more accreditations so you can trust that our courses and methodologies have been checked by a trusted 3rd party.

Lifetime Student & graduate support 

Growing science library

Inside our dedicated student portal there is an area called 'best resources' where you'll find a growing library of science research papers free to download.

Social networking

We don't use Facebook groups as we have our very own social networking site built right inside the student portal allowing you to make friends and 'study buddies'. 

Discussion groups and threads

Every course has a dedicated discussion group so you can ask questions, post up ideas and thoughts, get feedback and interact with your fellow students on the same course.

Resources & materials

We are constantly creating new materials, interactive worksheets, handouts, printables and client resources for you. 
You'll never need to make another PDF again. YOu can even request new materials via the 'Ask the instructor' button within the student portal.
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What our students and graduates say about us

I started working with Star about six years ago when I first started learning to formulate. She is very professional in her programme delivery. The courses are highly informative, insightful and enjoyable. I have enrolled on ALL Star’s courses and am currently working my way through the Academy of Beauty Nutrition and am fascinated, thoroughly enjoying the professionally compiled modules
I really love your modules. Being a nutrition scientist, I really appreciate that everything you teach has a sound scientific base
Loved the layout of the course materials, felt seamless working through the content.Star is a pro, excellent at explaining things which could be otherwise complicated but her delivery and down to earth approach make learning this enjoyable
Michelle Tyson

Meet your instructor

Star Khechara

Skincare formulator and beauty author turned skin-nutrition nerd, Star distilled her 20+ years of skin-health knowledge into the world’s first international accredited skin-nutrition school to teach skin therapists, facialists, face yoga practitioners and estheticians how to feed the skin from within for cellular-level rejuvenation and vibrant beauty. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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"Diet is the new Dermatology"

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