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Menopause can be an absolute b*tch to the skin. 

As estrogen declines, the levels of of elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen can plummet, causing rapid and visible ageing of the skin. 

Your clients are already distressed enough going through the Menopause, they don't need the added shock of looking in the mirror and seeing a face they no longer recognise.

🌸 As a practitioner you know that lack of estrogen can cause loss of collagen but did you know that this decline can be managed and slow down with diet and phytochemicals?

🌸 Maybe you thought this rapid-onset skin-ageing is just inevitable and that women should 'grow old gracefully'. In this masterclass you'll learn why that is a terrible mindset and why it's important to preserve the structures of the skin as long as possible

🌸 Did you also know that other hormones can create havoc with the skin-ageing processes too?

🌸 Or maybe hormones are a bit of a mystery to you and you don't yet feel confident to help clients in perimenopause to rejuvenate their skin or slow down the ageing processes.

Is this an area of skin-ageing that you don’t know much about?

Here is your scientifically-valid dietary solution for helping your clients slow down menopausal skin-ageing and balance their hormones.


The Menopause, Hormones and Skin-Ageing certificate: an internally accredited masterclass to give you the knowledge, confidence and tools to competently help your clients with their hormonal ageing issues.


Imagine giving your clients the gift of taking control of their hormones and slowing down their skin-ageing and hair loss with simple dietary protocols. Image how much JOY you can bring to a women in menopause

With you as their Hormone Biohacker, your clients will be overjoyed.

Slow down the rapid skin-ageing and hair loss associated with Perimenopause and menopause, Because women have enough to deal with then.

Help you clients move through the menopause transition with easier symptoms because the dietary strategies that save their skin will also ease their general menopause symptoms too.

The men aren't left out! This class covers other hormonal ageing issues too that affect both sexes: including cortisol and testosterone.

Your clients can also lesson other hormonal ageing issues such as fat gain on the belly, sleep disruption and stress. All of which are part of the ageing pattern but can be helped with diet.

What will you learn?

These are the core topics included in this 1.5 hour accredited masterclass

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🌸 Hormonal Dyfunction + Ageing

Discover the Endocrine System (the body's clever chemical messenger service) and the hormones that can contribute to biological ageing: 
  • DHEA
  • Melatonin
  • Oxytocin
  • Thyroid hormones
  • Somatotropin (Growth Hormone)
  • Cortisol
  • Testosterone
  • Oestrogen

 🌸 Dietary interventions for hormonal dysfunction

Dive into the dietary influences on each of the main skin-ageing / cellular ageing hormones
  • DHEA
  • Melatonin
  • Oxytocin
  • Thyroid hormones
  • Somatotropin (Growth Hormone)
  • Cortisol
  • Testosterone
  • Oestrogen

🌸 Menopause Symptoms and Skin-Ageing

Learn about the many symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and how they affect the health of the whole body and rapidly age the skin.
  • Vasomotor symptoms
  • Sarcopenia
  • Bone density
  • Skin ageing: collagen and elastin loss, hair loss, wrinkling, dryness and pigmentation issues

🌸 Dietary Interventions to ease menopause and menopausal skin-ageing

  • You'll learn which dietary patterns can speed up menopause and cause more symtons and the dietary patterns that lesson menopause.
  • Discover the foods that have been studied to mitigate menopause symptoms and balance estrogen
  • Learn which phytochemicals have shown benefits to menopausal symptoms and lessen skin-ageing.

🌸 Skin Ageing Science Class

You'll also dive deeply into the science of age-related skin changes so you feel confident to discuss these different aspects with your clients

Don't let the hormones win! Maintaining health skin. hair (and sanity) is possible with bioactive plant foods

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This certified masterclass is perfect if you're working with clients' skin-health at any level

Estheticians, Dermatologists & MedSpa clinics

Help your clients to lessen the effects of menopause on their skin-health with helpful dietary strategies to augment the treatments you do for them

Nutritionists, health coaches and naturopaths

Help your clients to avoid (or complement) synthetic HRT by using scientifically-valid dietary strategies and plant-based therapeutic phytochemicals to help balance their hormones

Facialists, Face Yoga Practitioners and holistic skin therapists

Your hands-on techniques can help lift and firm the skin so take that to the next level with this course and help your clients slow down that menopausal skin-ageing

Formulators of skincare, health food, juices and nutricosmetics

With this course you can help your clients use healthy diet and superfoods as their natural HRT and skin-rejuvenation strategies


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Our students love this class

Filled with enough info to kick-start my hydration goals. Be more grape and less raisIn!

The class is short which is to be expected however I loved it. A lot of short classes out there don't hold as much information. Enjoyed the science excerpts and study facts.  

Clear, useful and applicable right away. Thanks for this brush-up!

I love this info. It's so important for people to know that only using topical products won't give them the healthy, glowing skin they want.
It's just nice to finally find skin professionals that even think about nutrition being a primary factor in skin health 

I learned things I was not aware of, so quite informative actually!  


I think this course is great! It is nice to know the truth about not being able to hydrate your skin from the outside. Moisturizers and creams are made out to be so miraculous. I also love your humor throughout Star! Thank you for this


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Meet your teacher

Star Khechara

Skincare formulator and beauty author turned skin-nutrition researcher, Star distilled her 20+ years of skin-health knowledge into the world’s first international accredited school to educate estheticians, dermatologists and allied skin-health practitioners in the emerging science of skin-nutrition, integrative skin health and nutridermatology®
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 During my work as a skincare formulator I noticed that so many cosmetic ingredients were foods or food extracts, I realised that the power to beautify, treat and rejuvenate the skin was in diet, nutrition and food...not skincare products  
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently asked questions

Do I get instant access?

YES! As soon as you enrol you can start studying

Is the certificate accredited?

As a school we are proud to be accredited by IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and the IGCT (International Guild of Complementary Therapists) the which means a 3rd-party organisation has reviewed our course materials and verified them as being of a suitable standard for a practitioner.
As a graduate YOU will be eligible  to join IPHM and IGCT and be listed on their register And you’ll have access to deals on your professional indemnity insurance.

Star Khechara is also an active member of the Plant-Based Health Professionals

How long will it take to finish this masterclass?

It'll take you approximately 1.5-2 hours to complete.

Do you offer group / company discounts?

We can offer discounts for groups of staff (especially when there are more than 50 participants). 
Send us an email with all the information: hello@skinnutritioninstitute.com

Can I license this class for my team of staff?

We can offer a non-exclusive licensing for this class, please contact us at hello@skinnutritioninstitute.com

What happens after I've enrolled?

Once you've enrolled you'll be prompted to create your login and password so you can access our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Once inside you can move around the portal and access everything you need:
  • There's a course area where your courses will be
  • There's a community area for discussion groups and friendship
  • There's a 'best resources' area for all of your saved notes and access to our science library
  • There's a 'start' page which has our orientation video to help you navigate around the website and use all of the facilities. 

Is this class suitable for me?

This masterclass is aimed at professionals and practitioners in these fields:
  • Beauty therapy and esthetics
  • Face Yoga practitioners
  • Facialists
  • Health Coaches
  • Holistic nutritionists
  • Skincare formulators
  • Holistic and plant-based chefs
  • Health and wellness bloggers / influencers

Will I get a certificate?

Yes,. you will be able to download a personalised Certificate  when you finish the masterclass and pass the exam.


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