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Victoria Carpenter | Alumni

Happy Carrot Skincare

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Plant power for skin-health...

Happy Carrot is all about using plant power to feed our skin so that it’s happy and healthy! Our range of award-winning skincare is designed specifically to calm and balance combination skin that can be sensitive and problematic. We use mostly upcycled plant ingredients diverted from food and drink waste, focussing on local ingredients and low waste packaging too, meaning our skincare products have a low eco-footprint.

I'm passionate about the power of plants to feed our skin from the outside and the inside too. Many skin concerns can be improved with a plant-based diet and I enjoy learning as much as possible about how we can achieve this! As a vegan founded business, all our products are vegan and cruelty free

Victoria makes award-winning skincare 

SNI Qualifications earned so far

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SNI Graduate

Beauty Superfood Formulator

Studying: Menopause and hormonal ageing

Studying: Beauty Chocolate Formulation

What inspired you to study with Skin Nutrition Institute?

"Relevant, interesting topics to learn about and impact on my skincare business. I really enjoy the courses and I'm not sure where else/if you'd find this content anywhere else"

"I use my new skin nutrition knowledge to share helpful information to my audience via my blog and social media posts"
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