Get paid to promote our accredited courses and classes

Earn money when you promote our courses and classes to your audience

90 day cookie so you can make multiple sales from the same buyer.

We pay you 30% commission on all courses and classes bought through your link

Graphics, sales copy, affiliate guide and social media images to help you make sales

You don't need be a huge influencer with a huge following to earn extra income as an affiliate

There's just 4 things you need to be...
A graduate or student of any SNI course
Love our school! You will be a passionate promoter of our courses
Be active on social media and / or have a blog that people read. 
You have an email list (even if it's small) where you can promote our courses
Lesson series

Here's what you can earn in $ USD when you promote our courses

And because the tracking cookie is set for 90 days you can potentially make a lot of money per buyer.

If a student signs up (with your link) to our $9 class but then upgrades to the certificate in skin superfood formulation and then the diploma in integrative Nutridermatology® 

That would be $9 + $225 + $1198.50 = $1432.50
Even if they didn't use your link for the other two purchases. 
Please note these commission payouts are based on the current price of the course. Sometimes course fees change (they can go up or down)
  • Certificate: Juice Therapy for Skin Health price: $997 commission: $299.10
  • Certificate: Superfood Formulation for Skin Health price: $750 commission: $225
  • Skin Hydration 101price: $9 commission: $2.70
  • Diploma in Integrative Nutridermatology® price: $3,995 commission: $1,198.50
  • Advanced
  • Skin Hydration Biomechanics price: $197 commission: $59.10
  • Cacao Bioactives for Skin Health
  • price: $50 commission: $15
  • Collagen Biosynthesis and Dietary Interventions price: $197 commission: $59.10
  • Dietary Sunscreen price: $97 commission: $29.10
  • Gut-Skin Axis and Ageing price: $197 commission: $59.10

Request to become an SNI affiliate below

First Name
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In a 2-3 sentences please tell us Why do you think you'll make a good ambassador for the school?
  • Please also include any active social media channels (URL links)
  • And include your PayPal email if different so we can pay you
We've receive your application to be an affiliate and will be in touch soon
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Frequently asked questions

What's an affiliate or ambassador?

It is a business arrangement, in which a vendor (in this case, us) pays the third-party business (you) a commission for sales generated from your promotional efforts, which result in direct referrals. In other words, if you promote our products on your blog or website, and a new student enrols in our School after having clicked on your affiliate link, you will receive a commission from us. What a great way to earn more money! The good news is that this way you can automatically grow your own business without actually having to create a product of yours.

How does Skin Nutrition Institute affiliate marketing work?

You can put your affiliate link on your website, and drive web traffic to our products. You can post it yourself right on a page or blog post of your site. The more relevant the content of the post or page to the content of our course, the better chance you get of people clicking through the link.

How will your affiliate link work? The affiliate link will point to our homepage (or any page on our website), and it will have a parameter appended to it. The parameter (which is your unique affiliate ID) passes data to our affiliate management system so that the system knows where the traffic came from and can attribute the right commission to you. Later on, in this guide, we will explain exactly where you can find your personalised affiliate link.

Every time a prospect clicks on an affiliate link, they will be referred to our website. The click is tracked throughout the marketing funnel. So, for example, if the prospect leaves the site but comes back after a week, the affiliate management system will know that the user is the same person you referred. 

How do I become an Ambassador (affiliate?)

Fill in the form above and we will manually add you to the affiliate program. Once accepted you'll be able to navigate to the affiliate dashboard (to get your unique links for the courses) through the affiliate button found on your start here page (after login)

How will I promote the courses?

Once you're accepted as an ambassador you'll be given the SNI Ambassador Success Kit which has a guidebook showing multiple ways to promote your affiliate link plus we give you a whole stack of course mockup graphics (for blog & website, social media graphics:
  • IG stories
  • IG carousels
  • IG posts
  • Pinterest pins
  • Facebook posts
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Blog post graphics
  • Email newsletter graphics

Plus blog posts ideas, sales copy, hashtags and SEO keywords.

Each course will have it's own kit of promotional material.

If you love to do Reels, YouTube and TikTok we'll also give you prompts and ideas for different short-form video topics to promote each course.

How will I get paid and when?

Sales commission will be paid into your Paypal account (it's up to your to ensure you've given us the correct Paypal email address when you sign up to be an affiliate).

Commission will be paid 30 days after the sale to give space for any refunds first.


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